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Post-and-beam construction utilizes a framework of vertical posts and horizontal beams to carry both floor and roof loads. The beams supporting the floor and roof systems transmit their loads to posts or columns that, in turn, carry the loads down to the foundation system. When the post-and-beam frame is left exposed, careful attention must be made to the quality of workmanship and to the species and grade of wood used in the detailing of joints, especially at the beam-to-beam and beam-to-post connections.

Post-and-Beam technology is used to develop the interior of each building by creating a visual expression of natural structural form as well as multiple interior spatial overlaps. The post-and-beam structure requires the use of a secondary structural system for infilling to produce the solid surfaces of walls, floor, and roofs. This is easily accomplished with the use of standard framing technologies that are easily obtained and applied.

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